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hey, my name's claudia and i'm new! *cheering* i started getting into j-pop when i started watching inuyasha, and i was wasting some time on limewire DLing music (hey, it's legal here in canada!!), and i randomly typed in "inuyasha". and up came do as infinity's "fukai mori" and "tangerine dream"!

so now i'm kinda addicted to them... they're so awesome! they're just the break i need from my rock spazzing stage (oh god, i was punping the likes of ac/dc and nirvana into my brain 24/7 and i was starting to get sick, although they still rock)! b/c i don't know if anyone else here feels this... but american pop kinda sucks for the most part. i mean... hiLaRy dUfF is considered tAlenTeD?!?!

i'm kinda starting to drift back to rock though... and the rock music of today is pretty overdone and tired. so i thought i'd dip my toe into another pool!

if you guys have any suggestions of music i should check out, please reply to this! ( or better yet, reply to my livejournal or email me at )! my mind is a clear slate right now for j-rock, and i'm leaving it to you guys to leave good impressions on me!

so feel free to check out my livejournal, which i have conveniently linked to and leave comments, cause i love those! also check out and leave me comments b/c an unappreciated artist always loves comments! (have i used the word "comments" too much?)


(a version of this is being posted to several j-music communities that i've recently joined, my apologies if you've seen this a couple times!)
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